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The reason you should avoid to go to Naoshima on Monday

Naoshima, Kagawa prefecture is known as the art island. There are lots of unique architecture, art project, and museums. But one thing, you should be careful …. The day you visit. Because most of Naoshima’s Highlights are closed on Monday. If Monday is a national holiday, they tend to close the next day. Please check each spot’s web page and a calendar.

My first trip to Naoshima was bit sad – because I went there on Monday and I could not enter into Chichu Art Museum, I♡湯, and the underground of Goo Jinjya.

When I got off the ferry then I walked around the ferry port, eventually, I got lost. While I was walking, I realized most of Naoshima shops and art events are closed. Such as Chichu Art Museum, I♡湯, and the underground of Goo Jinjya,  I could not enter into them.

But at such times, I found the cafe named Mikazuki shoten. The owner was so kind and told me there are a few shops are open on Monday and I should enjoy the island tomorrow.

We chatted I  about 3hours or something, (because there are few people on Monday in Naoshima, so we had a plenty of time ) then he gave me a map with his recommendation for dinner and tourist spot.Mikazuki shoten’s cozy atmosphere made me relieved. Also, I loved the cafe latte there.

So that is why I recommend you to visit Naoshima except for Monday.


Photo 1 – @yuichittkw

Photo 2~5 – @marikolalala

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