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Legend of Hakone Shrine

Hakone Shrine is a mythical place that radiates a magnetic power of awesome tranquility.

That’s why it is my favorite out of all the other locations around and the reason why I chose it as the stage for what will become my memorable maiden photography shoot.

Legend has it that around 1,260 years ago back in the Nara period, a venomous dragon had lived in the lake and would go around eating human sacrifices. Not any human would do: each year, it had to have a charming young maiden.

A monk by the name of Mangan had been training at Mt. Hakone. He heard about the loathsome custom and offered his miraculous power to tame the dragon and bring a stop to the sacrifices. The nine-headed dragon then transformed itself into a graceful dragon god and had himself enshrined at that exact location, calling it Kuzuryu Shrine, or Nine-Headed Dragon Shrine.

I dare to live today with the spirit of Kuzuryu, wearing a dress with deep, slender slits. Take a look at the Oscar de la Renta earrings. They are gorgeous with crimson Swarovski and silk tassels, and they are now my favorite piece of jewelry.

The nails were done with CHANEL LE VERNIS colored in glaring red #475 DRAGON.

Shrines are places that never fail to charm and enrich people with a sense that sets the spine straight. Take my word for it – you will experience that very feeling, and I’d like to add, a lot more strongly at Hakone Shrine than you will anywhere else. It seems to have an atmosphere that invigorates the mind and the body, mind, and soul.

So, if you are interested in discovering a unique, awesome sense of tranquility, I’d like to suggest an early morning stroll at Hakone Shrine. There is nothing as invigorating as a visit to the shrine on a misty morning.


free people Lille Maxi Dress / Oscar de la Renta Short Silk Tassel Earrings / ABSIDEM Padlock Bracelet Cuff / NUMBER TWENTY-ONE Lace up sandals / CHANEL Nail color #475 DRAGON / GEORGIO ARMANI ROUGE d’ ARMANI 403


Photographer – Yuki

Location – Hakone Shrine (Map)

Gods – Ninigi no mikoto , Konohanasakuya hime, and Hikohohode no mikoto

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