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LA JAPONAISE by Claude Monet

La Japonaise is a painting by Claude Monet. In this picture, his wife Camille Doncieux is wearing a Japanese kimono and she turns around with her smile. This artwork tells Monet’s strong interest in Japan and a pure excitement when people touching the curious foreign culture. Take a look at Camille. The red kimono she wearing called Uchikake. It has a powerful Warrior (武者) ’s embroidery, and she is posing like a Geisya girl wearing a gold wig. On the wall behind Camille, Ukiyoe (浮世絵) painting Uchiwas (団扇) are decorated randomly.

La Japonaise is made 142 years ago, but it still conveys fresh excitement to us – as if the atmosphere had vacuum packed at that time. On this Picture × Fashion art project, I choose red, black, gold fashion items to express La Japonaise.

Fashion brand list
See By Chloé Knit top / Maison Margiela Skirt / Nicholas Kirkwood Maya Sandals / M2 Malletier Bag / Amrapari gold diamond earrings / Uchiwa Hokusai Red Fuji / Uchita Hokusai Wave /

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