Kyo is a Travel & Style blog that takes snippets of Japan from both ancient times and the present.

Shrines and temples, the romantic cityscapes of the modern city—together with an array of romantic clothes, Id like to share with you a world of dreams that will make you feel as if youre going back and forth in time.

Theres the chaos of the big cities as we find in Tokyo.

Theres the exhilarating vastness of the great outdoors as we see in Yakushima or Hokkaido. 

Places like Kyoto and Nara where the mystique of ancient capitals merge with modern beauty.

Japan is scattered with places that are brimming with appeals like these that are in complete contrast with one another. 

The earth and the moon

A torii gate and a building

The sea and an airplane

Geta clogs and heels

Silk and plastic

A ruby and an imitation pearl

The process of collecting things that are beautiful, a little at a time, in a country where various elements are scattered here and there and sparkling like rare gemstones that catch the light. 

I hope I can convey the images that I have in my mind with someone out there in the world.

Photo by: Yuki


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